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Real Estate Policy

Real Estate Policy Research comprises of studies with the objective to construct a fair appraisal system and to improve related public services.

The main contribution of the public appraisal system is its role in tax imposition. To enhance the fairness and legitimacy of the taxation process it is vital to research approaches to improve the current valuation methods and establish a more effective system. The implementation of the “Comprehensive Real Estate Holding Tax” and amendments to the “Possession Tax” has introduced a new paradigm for the criteria in tax assessment system; thus increasing the need to integrate·specialize·informatize the public appraisal system. To develop the legitimacy, credibility and fairness of the real estate taxation standards, the human capital involved in appraisal must be highly trained and the tax assessment system should be able to sustainably integrate real estate data. For the advancement of the public appraisal system, this research institute is conducting diverse studies to better mend the existing pertinent laws and improve the current tax assessment mechanism.
To augment our capability in public service, in the field of policy research, we are analyzing various movements in the market and creating/evaluating policies to stabilize the real estate market. Specifically, through the constant monitoring of the changing housing market values, we provide numerous analytical journals/data to the public; and incessantly conduct researches to better policies relevant to real estate in general.

Research Areas

Public Appraisal System Research
- Research on the Verification and Improvement of the Building Assessment System
- Real Estate Tax Assessment System Improvement Research
Policy Research for Public Service Improvement
- Research on the Usage & Improvement of RTMS
- Research on the Improvement of Land Policies for Foreigners
- Comparison Study of Foreign Inheritance Rights/Policies