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Real Estate Appraisal

The Real Estate Research Institute produces Land/House Price Indexes and constantly generates new information and appraisal methods to enhance the legitimacy and public confidence of our Public Announcement System and appraisal related responsibilities.

In addition, our Research Institute is highly esteemed for supporting the government’s endeavors in real estate policies, conducting pertinent studies for market expansion, and performing as the “Think Tank” of Korea Appraisal Board.

Research Areas

Public Announcement Related Tasks
- Land Price Index Table Research
- House Price Index Table Research
- Research on Policies of Publicly Announced Building Prices
- Land Price Fluctuation Research
Researching and Developing Appraisal Methods
We are researching advanced foreign appraisal techniques that are applicable to enhance efficiency and legitimacy in domestic appraisal
- Repairing Miscellaneous Factors in Appraisal Research
- Research on the Securitization of Real Estate and Appraisal
- AI Real Estate Appraisal
Publishing Appraisal Related Information
We regularly publish information/books to promote a balanced price standard and increase efficiency in the appraisal industry