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Global Cooperation

Global Cooperation Division of KAB endeavors to introduce and export soft infrastructures related to land management and real estate market through consulting and research on the field - such as Land & Housing Price Assessment Legal System, Methodology of Price Assessment and IT based related systems.

Discussion and meetings with developing countries has been made at the governmental level to initiate cooperative projects to improve their capacity for land management and real estate market.

<Bilateral Meeting between KAB and Cameroon>

Global Cooperation Projects of KAB has priority on introducing our Public Announcement System of Land and House Prices, Method of Price Survey and IT based systems. The projects could be conducted with ODA Funds from KOICA, Master Plan project through Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), or with International Organizations as a joint project.

Currently, KAB is going to initiate a 2-year scheduled cooperative project with Vietnam in September 2016.

<Meeting with the Embassy of Republic of Fiji>