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Major Business>Research and Development of Real Estate

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We will listen to any voices form customer.Korea Appraisal Board will do the best to develop advanced real estate market in Korea

Research and Development of Real Estate

□ Research on Trends and Policy of Real Estate Market

  • Analyze and provide data related to real estate market and monitoring value change of land and housing in order to contribute to the stabilization of the real estate market and development of proper policy.

□ Research on Improvement of Public Notice of Real Estate Price for Taxation and Appraisal Method

  • Research on overall public notice of real estate price including land, housing and commercial property in order to achieve advancement of public notice of real estate price by improving quality, fairness and public confidence.

□ Improvement of Survey and Statistics of Real Estate

  • Conduct comprehensive survey and develop statistics related to real estate as a specialized institution to contribute to the advancement of real estate statistics.