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Public Notice of Real Estate Price and Statistics

□ Public Notice of Real Estate Price

  • Management and Survey of Standard Land & Standard House Price
    - Working related to public notice of standard land and house price, which are to be used as taxation criteria of property tax on land and housing.
  • Standard House Price Assessment and Verification of Individual House Price
    - Survey and assess standard house price and reviewing individual house price in order to notify and assess the proper price of property.
  • Survey on Multi-unit Housing Price and Standard Market Price
    - Survey multi-unit housing prices for taxation criteria of property tax on apartments, row houses, multiplex houses.
  • Management of Public Notice of Real Estate Price Information System
    - Public Notice of Real Estate Price Information System to release the information which is base of taxation, to the public.

□ Survey on Real Estate Statistics

  • Survey on Land Price Trends (Monthly)
    - Create statistical data for fluctuation rate of land price based on the monthly survey of 70,000 plots across the country.
  • Survey on Housing Price Trends (Weekly and Monthly)
    - Create statistical data for price and rent of multi-unit housing (apartments, row houses, multiplex houses) and detached houses across the country.
  • Calculation of Conversion rate (for Jeonsei - to monthly rent)
    - Calculate and notifying the conversion rate to compare burden of Jeonsei and rent as well as let the public figure reasonable conversion rate from Jeonsei to rent.
  • Assessment of Multi-unit Housing Price and Construction of Trade Price Indices
    - Provide price index based on the reported actual transaction prices of apartments.
  • Survey on Price of Commercial Real Estate Leasing Trends(Rate of Return)
    - Quarterly survey on rental, vacant rate and return on investment of commercial and office buildings in Seoul and six metropolitan cities in Korea.
  • Survey of Retail Property Premium
    - Disclose the premium information to protect tenants and decrease legal conflict related to the premium.