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Major Business>Survey Inspection and Management of Real Estate Market

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We will listen to any voices form customer.Korea Appraisal Board will do the best to develop advanced real estate market in Korea

Survey Inspection and Management of Real Estate Market

□ Management for Appraisal Adequacy

  • Validity investigation of Appraisal result
    - Exam validity & logicality of written appraisal requested by the government and other public agencies.
  • Review of Appraisal result
    - Review validity of the compensation appraisal or collateral appraisals requested by government and banks.
  • Survey on Pre-sample Standard Price of Financial Program
    - Survey standard price of representative land compensated for public financial programs or private investment projects at early stage.
  • Managing Appraisal Information System
    - Support decision-making for appropriate and fair appraisal using precedents, actual transactions, GIS spatial data, etc.

□ Management of Real Estate Transaction and Information

  • IRTS (Real Estate Transaction Electronic Contract System)
    - Contract electronically real estate transaction or rent without paper and one's legal seal.
  • RTMS (Real Estate Transaction Management System)
    - Collect nationwide all real estate transactions based on real estate transaction report system.
  • K-apt (Apartment Management Information System)
    - Release apartment maintenance expenditure statement, resident satisfaction survey, facility management record and green buildings & energy information.

□ Management of Real Estate Development Projects

  • Supervision of REITs
    - Evaluate REITs project feasibility, examining soundness of business and asset management company and managing REITs Information System.
  • Management of Urban Renewal Projects
    - Consult and support urban renewal projects with professionalism and fairness to protect individuals' property right and asset.
  • Support Renewal Projects connected to New Stay
    - Connect renewal projects in slow progress, to New Stay, which is a long-term apartment rental program for the middle class.

□ Management of Green Building

  • Green Building Certification
    - Evaluate factors affecting living environment in order to induce construction of environment-friendly building and sustainable development.
  • Building Energy Efficiency Rating Certification
    - Evaluate energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions in order to efficiently manage building energy and to extend the buildings with high energy performance.
  • Certification of Long Life Span Housing
    - Evaluate the criteria for building life and maintenance in order to provide durable and fixable houses.
  • Condensation Resistance Performance Assessment
    - Secure comfortable residential environment and leading each apartment into reduction of condensation.
  • Examination of Building Energy Conservation Plan
    - Exam the prevention of building thermal losses and building energy conservation performance for the efficient energy management of a building at a stage of permission.
  • Examination of Green Home Performance Evaluation
    - To construct energy-saving house at a stage of approval., KAB exams the demand of energy or carbon dioxide emission of a house.
  • Database System for Building Energy and Greenhouse Gas
    - Operate Integrated Building Energy Management System providing the information of building greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption.
  • Preparation of Operating Building Emissions Trading System
    - Polluters are allocated limited number of permits to discharge specific quantities of pollutant per time period. Polluters that want to increase their emissions must buy permits from others willing to sell them through Building Emissions Trading System.